Galiano Island Goddesses / by Ace Hicks

Forgive me for referring to my sister and I as Goddesses, but I'd like to think that any strong, empowered female has goddess status, or at least visitation rights. This is a creative shoot that I did over the week of my 30th birthday. I returned home to Vancouver Island and visiting my favourite vintage store, Eclectic Avenue, is always an absolute must as there are treasures to be found. I picked up some heavenly 60's/70's dresses. I've been tempted to wear them about town.  Luckily, I was headed to the white sandy beaches of Galiano island and Montague Beach later in the week and knew I'd put them to good use. My electrifying and instinctively talented sister, Katie helped me bring this shoot to life in front of and behind the camera; we're always on the same page and ready to explore, laugh and capture beautiful images while we're at it. I had a blissful birthday week with my mom and sister and I'm forever grateful for these photos that embody the bounding love and beauty I felt that week. Galiano is truly a magical island, one of my favourite places in the world.  If you go, you must eat a meal at Pilgrimme.

Here is a journal entry to accompany the shoot:

When you come from the great Northwest your spirit speaks a secret language; it's the language of the land, of mermaids, of magic. The wind that lives in my weighted breaths, the sea that soothes a thousand racing thoughts, the mountains as high as my loftiest dreams; I come home to you to be me again. Your salt, your sand, your sun, your secrets, your synchronicities. I'm held by you, bound by your ceaseless beauty. You are in me and I am in you. Its an aliveness that's so much bigger than my being; it's a beauty that does whatever it can to ooze out of me. It's the beauty of Mother Nature and if you let her spirit take you, possess you; you'll get to glimpse the infinite, the divine, endless connection between all of us