Hi, I am delighted we've found each other!

Well hello there, and thank you for stopping by! I am honoured that you’d like me to capture a very special occasion in your life. With a decade behind the lens documenting magical moments, my creative savvy is coupled with sharp intuition and powered by the best Canon technology. 

My photography is very much like me— generous, full of heart, and imaginative. I will always capture your “good side” because the way I see you, is the way I see the world— in the best light possible. When you show me who you are, I show the world how beautiful you are, inside and out. I can’t wait to create together! 

Come see through my lens...

Work with me if...

  1. You love honest, candid moments of connection.
  2. You don't take yourself too seriously, but you also care deeply about the world and the people around you.
  3. You love running barefoot through a forest, painted by sunlight and dancing amongst the ferns.
  4. You want all the sun flare and the sun burst and golden hour is your favourite time of day!
  5. You want to go the distance to create something truly special, even if it involves a three hour hike to a secret waterfall or old growth tree.
  6. You want to keep it simple, fast and convenient, but still walk away with an abundance of angles, framing, moments and options.
  7. You are a healer- you show your whole soul and want what's behind your eyes and your souls mission to be conveyed to the world.
  8. You are an actor and you want headshots that will elevate your career.
  9. You love your pets like family and want to work with another animal lover who gets it.
  10. You live for ceremony, circle and sacred spaces and you want to share it with the world and have it captured in a way that still respects the sacred space.
  11. You love tea, especially Earl Grey, and coffee and you want to have the time to relax and take breaks and find flow instead of it being a whirlwind.
  12. You don't necessarily love having your photograph taken and you're hoping to work with someone that can help nurture your comfort and confidence.

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